Best Summer Home Tips & Home Improvement Projects

February 20, 2019

1. Pressure Wash — Costs: $50-$500 In terms of quick and reliable summer home improvements, nothing beats an old fashion power clean. This inexpensive service can help to spruce up the dirtiest of homes by effectively removing built-up dirt, sediment and other debris while eliminating things like mold, mildew and algae, which can result in […]


5 Keys To A Profitable Flip In Real Estate

February 13, 2019

From the outside, flipping a house looks easy. If you watch one of the many programs on rehabbing and flipping it makes it look like every property is a winner. The reality is that if you don’t know what you are doing you can, and will, be disappointed in your results. This is the part […]


The Best Type Of Property For Real Estate Investing

February 6, 2019

What is considered the best type of investment property? With the U.S. real estate market on the rise, investors are sifting through every available property type to discover which will help them profit. So which sectors and properties are the best move for investors today? Keep reading to learn more about the best type of real […]


Avoid These 5 Costly Investing Mistakes

January 30, 2019

With any business, the goal should be to constantly take incremental steps forward. If you can scratch out even a small profit on every deal you will ultimately be ahead of the game. As a real estate investor, you are faced with a handful of important decisions daily. Without even knowing it at the time […]


5 Reasons Your Property May Not Be Selling (& How To Fix it)

January 23, 2019

It is not enough to rely on the strength of your market to produce a sale. All across the country there are plenty of places where real estate is in high demand. Even though your market may be flooded with buyers, it doesn’t mean your property will fly off the shelf. You still need to […]


Factors To Consider Before An Offer On A Rehab Property

January 16, 2019

Getting a good deal on a rehab property is not enough to ensure a profit. If you buy in the wrong market it truly won’t matter how low your offer is.  Prior to making an offer, or even exploring a property, there are a handful of key items you need to do your homework on.  […]


5 Essential People To Add To Your Real Estate Team

January 9, 2019

The strength of your investing business is in the people you surround yourself with. You can have access to capital and a good plan on putting it to use, but if your team is poor, ultimately you will suffer. The importance of your team is magnified as you are just starting out. You are pulled […]


5 Ways To Achieve Your 2019 New Year Goals

January 2, 2019

It is hard to believe that New Year’s Day has just passed. It seems like only yesterday we were in the middle of spring and starting to think about summer. The reality is that the clock doesn’t stop, and the calendar often moves quicker than we would like. If you are like most people in […]


Home Improvements Ideas To Tackle This Winter

December 26, 2018

With the cold temperatures approaching, many homeowners are retreating inside this season—making winter the perfect opportunity to improve your home with a few upgrades. From lowering your power bill to increasing your home’s value, a little home improvement can make a big impact. No matter what your budget or schedule looks like, there are several […]


How To Winterize Your Home This Season

December 19, 2018

If you own property that will be vacant for an extended amount of time this winter, knowing how to winterize a house is crucial to protecting your investment. Depending on your property’s location, freezing temperatures can cause your pipes to burst, as water turns to ice. The resulting damage could cost you thousands of dollars […]